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Hand Fluid Gesture Finger Gadget

The Soundguard is a high-flow suppressor aimed at keeping maximum gas out of the shooter's face. It's marketed toward the AR-15 platform.

"This is being marketed toward the AR-15 shooter with three models available: the hard-use SG-556 (.223/5.56), SG-30 (.223 Rem - .300 PRC), and the titanium SG-30Ti (.223 Rem - .300 PRC).

All suppressors promise to have a rapid attach/detach system using industry-standard HUB 1.375x24 UNS, which provide secure mounting. Along with that secure mount, it also promises to make the new can versatile. Finally, the company promises the combination of the patented baffle-stack design with the proprietary material coating will reduce the firearm's flash signature to “virtually zero.”

All the models are rated for full-auto fire, with the MSRP at $750 for the SG-556 and SG-30 and around $1,000 for the SG-30Ti."
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