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The Fire Arm Blog got to take a look at the Daniel Defense RIS III Rail and Ambi Lowers at SHOT Show 2022!

Daniel Defense unveiled their new RISIII rail alongside new ambi lowers at SHOT Show 2022. FDE versions of the new RISIII rails were seen on four Daniel Defense rifles that will ship with the new lower receivers. Here’s a closer look at the newest generation of the rail interface system from Daniel Defense.

Daniel Defense’s roots are firmly planted in the RIS (Rail Interface System) market, and they’ve been the supplier of the RIS II rails to USSOCOM since 2005. While the older RIS II rail was a quad rail design, the new RIS III steps into the future in a very lightweight MLOK form.

The RIS III uses a six-bolt (three on each side) lockup system that attaches the rail to the barrel nut. Four more screws (two on each side) attach the lower half of the rail to the upper half. This allows for the removal of the bottom half of the rail in order to attach the M203 grenade launcher.

In addition to the new slim MLOK look and feel a QD sling swivel mount to the rear of the new RIS III. Overall the rail feels like the just-right blend of lightweight and rugged.

Rails weren’t the only thing that was new on the DD M4’s this year. Their four new RIS III-equipped rifles now come with new ambi lowers that offer a nice blend of form and function. The mag release on the left-hand side of the gun tapers well into the receiver while still being easy to access.

In addition, the right-hand side of the receiver now touts the same rocking-style bolt release as the left. Overall it’s a large overhaul that appears so subtle you almost have to look twice. Functionally it works perfectly, and I really like the upgraded controls.

The first four rifles to be equipped with the new lower and rail will be the MK18 RIII (10.3″ Barrel), DD4 RIII (11.5″ Barrel), M4A1 RIII (14.5″ Barrel), and DD4 RIII (16″ Barrel). No price has been published, but the rifles are expected to start shipping this spring with the rails available for sale independently later this year.
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