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Welcome to the forum @Seven5threeblack. How long have you been in the hobby for and what other guns have you owned? Would love to know about your Volvo, if the one in your avatar is yours!

Believe it or not I’m new to this. I bought my 1st DD which is the SLW, about 4months ago. I shot one at the range and after talking with salesman, I was sold. Plus I’m left handed so that too was a plus.

Liked it so much a got the V7Pro. I also own a Walther PPQ.

No, that is not my Volvo in my avatar. That’s was from the 90s British Touring Race where for one year that Volvo used wagon in the BTCC. I drive Volvos. I have two wagons. 2005 V70R & 2016 V60 Polestar.
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